Workshops to Improve the Quality of Life

Fall 2012-Spring 2013

Yoga for Surfing the Mind: Mindfulness Meditation and More, Ann Sebren, PhD
'Calming the fluctuations of the mind' is the definition of yoga in Patanjali's Yoga Sutras. A calm mind with clear and
focused thoughts sounds very appealing and is often easier said than done! Observing just how wild the waves of the
mind can be and learning how to work with them, not against them, is the first step. “Mindfulness means paying attention in
a particular way, in the present moment, on purpose. This ancient practice is moving out of Buddhist monastaries and into
the mainstream. Mindfulness practices are being applied in both therapeutic and clinical settings because of the benefits
of reduced stress levels and increased ability to manage stressful situations. Learning to respond to a situation rather than
react may be just what is needed to experience true freedom.  This workshop will compare and contrast mindfulness to
other types of meditation, discuss the benefits to mindfulness practices and introduce participants to basic mindfulness
techniques. Take home information and handouts will be given. (This workshop has been postponed to Spring 2013. Date
to be announced.)

Ann is a Senior Lecturer at Arizona State University. Her areas of interest include the efficacy of mindfulness based interventions for stress
reduction, improved health outcomes, and health behavior.

2/9 Creating A Vision of Healing and Becoming It, Lori Haas, LCSW, CEDS, 200 CYT
A workshop designed to help you exercise your innate power to manifest the life you dream of. Be prepared to unlock your
potential in 2013; you are invited to bring your Vision Board as we will take the next step in action through your yoga practice
and reinforce the new way of living.  This practice is about fostering your inner wisdom toward living more in alignment
(authentically) on and off the mat. "
REGISTRATION NOW OPEN " (contact Lori Haas haascounseling@hotmail if
instructions are needed.)

Lori Haas, LCSW, CEDS, 200 CYT,  As a holistic oriented psychotherapist for over 20 years she has seen the powerful effects of weaving yoga
and therapy with a focus on healing for women recovering through eating disorders, trauma and anxiety.  Lori has completed her 200 level
teacher training and is currently pursuing the 300 level Healing Emphasis Yoga therapist training. Her teaching style focuses on Flow,
opening the heart and healing.  

2/16: Yoga for the Shoulders and Neck: Shoulderstand ~ The Queen of Asanas, Shaila
Parthasarathi, RYT 500
Registration Now Open
Often referred to as the 'queen of all asanas', Shoulder stand is a restorative inversion performed near the end of a practice
to relax. It soothes and nourishes the whole body. "Inverting the body stimulates control mechanisms in the heart and the
arteries along the outside of the neck that monitor and adjust blood pressure. Inversions may also positively affect the flow
of cerebrospinal fluid in the spinal cord and the brain, flushing regions where the fluid has pooled. The shoulder joint is
extended in the shoulder stand and the chest opens."
(see  Ray Long MD, FRCSC in The Key Poses of Hatha Yoga)  Even
with all of the benefits of this posture, it can bring about feelings of fear and if done incorrectly could damage the cervical
spine and increase muscle tension in the neck and shoulders. In this workshop you will learn the proper technique to
entering and exiting this wonderful posture, how to modify it if needed and how to use props effectively, increasing comfort
and benefits while practicing shoulderstand. Learn to finish each practice with this therapeutic posture without anxiety or
injury. A take home sequence will be given to help open the shoulders, chest, neck and upper back in preparation for

Shaila teaches at Hegel Yoga; click here to learn more about Shaila.

Curvy Yoga with Sherrill Smith
March 9 and 16
25.00 for both or 15.00 for one
2:00-3:00 PM

This two week introductory workshop is the perfect opportunity to begin or deepen a yoga practice in a safe and supportive
environment designed specifically for larger bodied men and women.  

This Curvy Yoga friendly class is totally adaptable and will meet everyone where they need to be met, giving you a great
opportunity to experience Discover and experience this safe, comfortable and grounded space for people of all sizes to
connect and integrate body mind and spirit through yoga.

Each 60 minute class will offer modifications and the skillful use of props so that everyone can work at a level suitable for
their body.  Join in this supportive environment to:
•    Develop and enhance strength, flexibility and balance
•    Enliven and strengthen your core body
•    Increase body and breath awareness
•    Release stress and develop relaxation skills for use in daily life
•    Deepen knowledge and understanding of yoga

Beginners and all levels are welcome and encouraged.  Each class will include discussion and practice.  Come explore
the wisdom of your body, the power of your heart and the greatness of your being in this informative and supportive setting.
Come explore the wisdom of your body, the power of your heart and the greatness of your being.

New Date!! 3/30: Yoga for Building Confidence and Finding Your Voice, Cheryl Oliver, E-RYT 500
That urban legend about fear of public speaking is actually true!  According to The National Institute of Mental Health,
glossophobia (the fear pf public speaking) is the 5th most common fear.  (In order, the top 4 are: fear of snakes, dogs &
spiders, fear of dirt & germs, fear of open spaces, and fear of heights.)  Fortunately, there are several yogic practices that
help us find our true voice and build the confidence we need to express ourselves in an open and honest manner.  This
does not mean we become aggressive or confrontational, but rather, we have the calm, steady conviction to be true to
ourselves while allowing others the space to be true to themselves.  In this workshop, we will use asana (poses),
pranayama (breahing exercises), and vocalization techniques including vedic chant, combined with tapas (discipline) and
dharana (concentration) to begin the evolution to liberate your true voice, and your true self.  Please bring your mat & be
prepared for some gentle movement.  Each participant receives handouts & a CD with exercises that can be practiced at
Registration Opens 1/30/13

New Date!! 3/31: Yoga for Back Pain, Tish Hegel, E-RYT 200 12:00-2:00 PM
e. Registration Opens 1/31/13
See 'about us' for more information on Tish.
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All Workshops Saturdays from 2:00-4:00 PM.
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Cost: 25.00 (Two part workshops 40.00)

    discernment), Bhakti Yoga  (devotion) and Karma Yoga (selfless action). While each
    path of Yoga approaches the practice from a different perspective one intention of
    them all is the same, to reduce suffering in life. Whether it is physical pain, stress,
    difficulty with digestion, an anxious mind or a general lack of purpose in life Yoga can
    help ease suffering.

    In the Yoga for Life Workshop Series  we will be focusing on a variety of topics
    chosen by the teacher presenting it. The intention for each workshop is to present
    information and demonstrate how principles taught in Yoga and/or meditation can help
    reduce suffering when applied in a specific way. Each class will include a discussion
    with handouts, a practice session applying the principles taught and suggestions on how
    to use the new skills at home or when they are needed.