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Hegel Yoga
5861 S. Kyrene Rd. #11, Tempe AZ     85283    480-478-2934
Yoga, Rock Climbing & Wilderness Excursion: Discover Your Warrior Within
To be held in the Workman Creek area of the Sierra Ocha Wildnerness
CLICK HERE for information on the area.
April 12-14, 2013
Yoga and Meditation Led by Tish Hegel
Rock Climbing & Survival Skills Taught by Zane Dobbins and Steve Hammer
This three day, two night excursion will be held outdoors in the Sierra Ancha Wilderness in  North Eastern Arizona. This
weekend is designed to teach participants how to find and provide the four basic needs of wilderness survival (water,
warmth, shelter and food) while learning to repel, rock climb, and practice Yoga outdoors with experienced
climbers/teachers guiding you. Skills taught in yoga practices will be introduced and used to help you stay calm in
challenging situations. Each day we will have yoga classes, workshops, hiking and climbing. Become more in tune with
your environment and empower yourself with lifesaving survival skills. Learning to face the challenges of the wilderness
will lead to increased confidence in your daily life. Uncover your innate inner Virabhadra (warrior) in this exciting
adventure into the unknown!

You will learn how to:
  • Find and provide the four basic needs of wilderness survival (water, warmth, shelter and food)
  • Find, filter and purify water
  • Find direction: use a compass, the sun and stars and landscape to orient yourself
  • Basic (and some not so basic) fire starting skills
  • Identification of local plants and possible uses of them
  • Useful knot tying skills
  • Build a survival shelter
  • Apply basic principles of wilderness first aid
  • Create a survival kit with crucial items needed before venturing into any wilderness situation
  • Meditation and breathing techniques to calm your self in a frightening situation
  • Do three basic pranayama (breathing) techniques to counter the stress response in the body and aid in
  • Repel and rock climb outdoors with assistance from guides.

General Itinerary:
Day 1: Meet early A.M. & travel to destination, hike in and set up camp, opening survival classes led by Zane and Steve.
sunset Yoga and meditation instruction with Tish.
Day 2: Sunrise Yoga and meditation with Tish, survival classes and workshops,  repelling, hiking & sunset meditation
with Tish.
Day 3: Sunrise Yoga and meditation with Tish, applying skills taught in meditation and breathing classes during a day of
rock climbing guides. Closing yoga postures to relieve stress from climbing, pack up and head home!

Cost: 300.00 before 4/1/13, after 350.00 (75.00 non refundable deposit holds your space)
Register Online. Upon registration we will provide a list of items you will need to bring. A registration packet will be sent.
The Three 'R' Experience
Presenters: Anita Rangaswami BS,MBA, RYT,RAP and Susan Shifman, CTRET, RYT,CPT,CYT

You will learn and experience how to:
  • Release physical and emotional stress, and prevent it from accumulating using Tension Releasing Exercises (TRETM), a self-healing technique used
  • Rebalance energies using basic principles of Ayurvedic medicine, yoga, tapping, and acupressure
  • Restore your sense of SELF with meditation

Join us to experience the journey of self-renewal and self-growth, as you access inner strength, peace, and confidence.

Workshop 1.5 Day Workshop + 4 Follow-on Tension Structure: Releasing Group Sessions
Date/Time: Sat, April 20th’2013 9:30 am-5:00 pm & Sun, April 21st, 2013 1:00 pm -4:30 pm
Follow Up On Wed,4/24, 5/1 7:45pm -8:45pm Sessions: Sun 4/28, 5/5, 2:00pm -3:00pm

Location: Hegel Yoga
Kyrene Commerce Center
5861 S Kyrene Road, Suite #11
Tempe, AZ 85283

Rates:  Early Bird: $129   till 4/12/13
           Regular Reg: $149   after 4/12/13
TO REGISTER or INQUIRE: Call (480) 598-9961 or