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From the Light within each of us, helping you to find the Light within you.
December 31, 2012


Updated: 7/31/14
Eight Weeks: Sept 10 -  Oct 29
Wednesdays 6:30-7:30 PM
Led by Tish Hegel & Guest Teachers
Sample different styles of meditation
in the relaxed and open format.
Open to all class packages.
Due to the popularity and requests of students we will
be offering this series again Sept. 10- Oct. 29
Zen Meditation and Yoga Retreat
Crestone CO.
September 15-21, 2014
200.00 deposit hold your space
More Details Here
Teacher Skill Development and FREE
Community Class
Monday's 6:30-7:30 PM through 8/18
Serving the community with a  free class while helping
new teachers develop their skills. Class includes
basic postures in a well balanced sequence that will
touch on all major muscle groups of the body. Focus
is on developing strength and flexibility with an
emphasis on the breath and alignment. Level 1
Teacher: Adam Brin 7/28-8/18.

    * Indicates class is appropriate for beginners to Yoga. Beginners with physical limitations or those who
    want a want a more gentle format may be more comfortable beginning with ** classes. Alignment
    instruction given to assist in learning.

    ** Indicates a more gentle class and that it is appropriate for beginners. In general, more time spent on
    floor than in standing postures in * classes. Slower instruction and posture transition.

    All L = Appropriate for All Levels. Modifications for increasing or decreasing the intensity of a posture  
    will be offered to accommodate all levels. Beginning students who are looking for a challenging first
    class may attend all level classes, in general it is best to start with a * or ** class.
          Level 1-2 and 2 Formats:
          Provide a broader range of postures. Assistance and posture modifications are always offered..


    *9:30-10:45 AM: Classic Postures Level 1, Shaila
    *4:45-5:55  PM: Classic Postures w/ Hip Openers L1, Tish
    6:00-7:10  PM: Gentle Ashtanga & Hip Openers All L, Courtney
    *6:30-7:30 PM: Teacher  Development & Community Class ~  'L1 Classic Postures'
            6:30 class: No charge & includes free class pass to Hegel Yoga for written feedback after class
            Community Teacher Adam Brin 7/28-8/18. Class ends 8/18.
    7:15-8:30 PM: Sivananda Style Vinyasa, L1-2 and up, Tish

    4:45-6:15 PM: Ashtanga Primary Series  Tish L2
    **6:30-7:45 PM:  Gentle Ashtanga w/ Shoulder Openers, L1 ,  Tish
    *6:30-7:45 PM: Gentle Ashtanga w/  Sun Salutations & Hip Openers, L1,  Katie

    ***8:00-9:15 AM Gentle Classic Postures, L 0-1,  Shaila
    4:45-6:00 PM: Core Focused Vinyasa, All L, Tish   
    *6:15-7:30 PM: Sivananda Style Vinyasa, L1,  Courtney
    **6:30-7:30 PM: Exploring Meditation Series: 8 weeks Sept 10 - Oct 29, Tish & Guest Teachers
    4:45-6:00 PM:  Ashtanga Primary Series, Abbreviated, L1-2 & up, Tish
             6:45-8:00 PM: Intro to Ashtanga 2nd Series L 2  w/ Anusha
    **6:45-8:00 PM: Gentle & Restorative w/ Candle Light , All L,  Rachel  

    **8:00-9:15 AM: Gentle Yin & Restorative Postures, Level 0-1 / Shaila canceled as of 7/25
            *9:30-10:45 AM: Yoga for Healthy Backs, L1 and up w/ Tish  
    6:00-7:30 PM Ashtanga Primary Series by Donation w/ Sean (Open to unlimited students w/ out
    donation. Class Packages to not apply, min 5.00 donation suggested)
    9:00-10:15 AM: Core Focused Vinyasa , All L w/ Tish
    **10:30-11:45 am: Yin Yoga ~ All L w/ Sean
    10:30-12:00 PM: Ashtanga  Primary Series, L2 w/  Rachel
    *12:15-1:30 PM  Yoga for Healthy Backs,  All L w/ Tish

    **9:00-10:15 AM: Gentle Yoga & Yin Combined, L1 , w/  Nancy
    *10:30-11:45 AM: Gentle Ashtanga, All L, w/ Kelly
    **4:30-5:45 PM: Candle Light Restorative Yoga, All L w/ Shaila

             Schedule  to Change. See website for any changes and substitute teachers.
How Knees Work & How to Make Them Better
(both on and off the Yoga mat)
with Dr. Amit Sahasrabudhe, Orthopedic Surgeon
Learn the anatomy, how to prevent injury of this very
fragile joint and how to safely practice Yoga.
Saturday Aug 9th 2:00-3:30 PM
Cost 20.00 or two for 30.00

Saturday Aug. 16 from 12:00-5:00 PM
Symposium :  
1. a convivial party (as after a banquet in ancient Greece)
with music and conversation
2. a social gathering at which there is interchange of
3. a formal meeting at which several specialists deliver short
addresses on a topic or on related topics

Join Us for an afternoon of educational presentations,
mini/sampler yoga classes, chair massages, posture
assessments, body composition assessments,
henna tattoos, refreshments, live music, kirtan and
prize drawings from tickets at end of day. Each
personal attending receives a free class pass to
Hegel Yoga.
A perfect opportunity to see the studio, meet the
teachers, ask questions and learn more! Open
house format.
Schedule of Topics & Classes Here
Cost: 10.00 per person or two for 15.00
Purchase Online or In the Studio
Registration by 8/15 registers your name into a
'pre-symposium' drawing for a twenty class package to
the studio!