"Yoga ~ 99% Practice, 1% Theory."
-K. Pattabhi Jois

Hegel Yoga
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Gentle Ashtanga- Level One and All Levels:
    LEVEL ONE: With a modified warm up and very gentle beginning, this class is appropriate for the beginner to yoga or those with shoulder or
    wrist conditions that compromise the ability to comfortable practice the full sun salutation series of Ashtanga. The gentle warm up for the larger
    muscles of legs, back and hips will prepare the student for the foundational postures found in most  Yoga classes in the traditional order of the
    Ashtanga standing series. Eleven postures practiced at a slower pace will open hips and build strength. Ending with 'parsvottansana' (one
    sided forward fold) the class will move toward a focus of shoulder, neck and upper back openers to release tension in these often chronically
    tight areas.  

    ALL LEVELS: This class focuses on foundational postures in Ashtanga, movements and mindful breathing. Ideal for students who are new to
    Ashtanga or experienced Ashtanga yogi's looking for a slightly slower pace. Modifications to key postures makes the Ashtanga Yoga practice
    accessible for everyone. Standing postures that build strength and endurance are taught as well as floor postures that help to release the
    muscles of the hips and spine .Class begins with five sun salutations rather then the traditional ten, the first 16 standing postures of Ashtanga
    are practices. Appropriate for strong beginners.

Classic Postures:
Classic Yoga postures and their modifications that cover the basic alignment principles and positions common to all styles of yoga. Body alignment is
taught and emphasized in each posture. Develop stability, strength, and balance while deepening your practice and understanding of Yoga. Postures
that comprise the sun salutations are introduced. Perfect for beginners to Yoga looking for more instruction to better understand the postures.

Ashtanga Abbreviated Primary Series - All Levels: (Not recommended for beginners due to the pace of the sequence)
The first 30 minutes of class will be a complete workout with the traditional sequence of the Ashtanga Fundamental Series. We will begin with ten Sun
Salutations and the complete series of Ashtanga standing postures through Virabhdrasana B (Warrior 2) followed by hip opening forward bends and
the full cooling/centering finishing sequence. This class is intended for students who  would like a condensed version of the full Ashtanga Primary
Series. The pace of class will be traditional to Ashtanga, each posture will be held for five breaths before moving to the next posture (asana).

Ashtanga Full Primary Series: Level 2
A 90 minute led class following the set sequence and pace that is traditional to Ashtanga Yoga. Aerobic and strength building, recommended for
students who are familiar with the classic postures and are ready for a challenge. Class will begin with Surya Namaskara A and B (Sun Salutations);
the breath and movement are synchronized as the body smoothly flows through the postures. This practice is detoxifying and therapeutic as it builds
body heat, increases flexibility and strength while focusing the mind. Please see
www.kpjayi.org for more information on the sequence and Ashtanga
method. Appropriate for intermediate level students or those familiar with the classical postures and are wanting more aerobic intensity in their practice.
The Primary Series has an emphasis on building hip flexibility and core strength.

Ashtanga Intermediate (Second) Series:  Level 2
Sun Salutations A and B and fundamental standing postures followed by the Ashtanga Second (Intermediate) Series. The Second Series postures are
explored for those new to the sequence and modifications are given if needed. There is an emphasis on  backbends, hip openers and inversion in the
second series.  

Silent Ashtanga: These unique classes are designed for yogis and yoginis that do not need verbal instruction by a teacher, but are looking for a
meditative space with like minded students who want the energy and accountability that a group practice provides. Class is silent and led by a teacher
practicing along side class. Choose between practicing your own gentle Ashtanga series, Ashtanga Primary or Second Series.

Mysore Style Practice: Practice at your own pace with quiet individual instruction by a teacher as needed.  Adjustments will be provided. Choose
between practicing the Ashtanga Beginning Sequence, Primary or Second Series. Class is 90 minutes, you can start your practice within the first 30
minutes of class start time and end when you are finished. Just come on in and quietly roll out your mat! All students must be finished practicing by
class end time.  This is a highly individualized and effective way of improving your practice. It is not meant for advanced students only!

Sivananda Style:  Level 1 and 2:  A unique series that is 'flipped' from the traditional formats. Designed to stimulate the chakra (energy) centers of the
body from the crown to the root (top of the head to the base of the spine), resulting in a peaceful, relaxed state. A series of gentle modified Sun
Salutations will start the class, followed by a meditative inversion sequence followed by postures that focus on the spinal column and ending with a 10-
15 minute standing sequence.
    LEVEL1: This  format will offer a slower pace, longer warm up and more instructions on the details of the postures,
    LEVEL 2 format will focus on the flow of energy in the sequence with less instruction on the alignment of the postures and will have more
    challenging postures offered in the sequence. Alternatives and instructions to inversions are always offered! If you are new to inversions, this is
    a great class to learn them in as they are included at the beginning of the sequence when energy is high. The pace is slow so there is time to
    explore the postures more.

Focus Classes: All Levels (Core Vinyasa or Hip Opener Classes)
Special classes that will lead you through postures that focus on a specific intention of practice or region of the body. Intentions include hip openers,
improving low back and hamstring flexibility, increasing spinal flexibility and rotation, shoulder and neck openers, digestion, balance, and mindfulness.
Appropriate for all levels.

Restorative Yoga:  All Levels
Restorative yoga emphasizes the calming of the nervous system and teaches the art of relaxation, which has tremendous mental and physical benefits.
A series of rejuvenating and supported poses are taught to promote vitality and create a state of deep relaxation.  It melts tensions away and leaves you
feeling completely refreshed and fully restored.  

Open Silent Practice: All levels with a self guided practice
Enjoy the freedom to practice at a pace and sequence that you choose. A quiet space reserved for like minded Yogi's who just would like the energy of
practicing in a group, but choose not to be led by an instructor.  Come in, roll out your mat and start you practice. Come and go as you please with
respect to the others in the room.  No talking in class and please enter and exit quietly.  Copies of the Ashtanga Primary Series and Sun Salutations are
available if you would like a guide to follow. Instructor practices with class, no adjustments offered. Arrive when you like, must begin your practice within
30 minutes of class start time.

Beginning Meditation: All Levels
An introductory class to meditation. Lecture, discussion and mediation practices will be included. Styles, techniques and benefits of meditation will be
explored. Class last eight weeks. Attendance to all eight weeks is recommended as the content is not repeated from week to week. More time is spent
in silent meditation as the class progresses. Back support, including chairs, are available for maximum comfort.

Yin: All Levels, Appropriate for Beginners. Cooling Class, Focusing on Flexibility Rather than Strength.
Postures held for longer periods of time accompanied by slow deep breathing to aid in the release of tight connective tissue, scar tissue and muscles.
The is a cooling practice, but very different from restorative classes. Appropriate for athletes to counter the effect of training as well all levels of yoga
experience and practice abilities.

Yoga for Healthy Backs:
A class designed to gently release the superficial and deep muscles of the back. Props are used to find precise alignment of the spine in the postures.
Standing and floor postures will be practiced with an emphasis on twists, gentle back bends and core strength.  Stress relieving  restorative postures
may be included.
dedication to Yoga that began the spread of the teachings throughout the world.