"You cannot help anyone - you can only serve."
-Swami Vivekananda
Tish Hegel, BS Kinesiology, E-RYT, ACSM CPT
With a practice of yoga spanning the last 27 years, Tish has developed a knowledge of Yoga that as evolved and deepened throughout
many life stages. She has had to modify and apply her Yoga practice through child bearing, rehabilitation following various injuries resulting
from an auto accident, and management of the chronic pain resulting from a spinal disc disease. These life experiences, along with the
experience of gaining and loosing excess body weight, have enabled Tish to empathize with many challenges to and approaches toward
the  practice of Yoga. Tish draws from these experiences, along with her knowledge of body mechanics learned while earning her BS
degree in Kinesiology from Arizona State University in every class she teaches.  Tish is a certified personal trainer through the American
College of Sports Medicine and a Registered Yoga Instructor with the National Yoga Alliance. Her enthusiastic and passionate approach to
Yoga is conveyed through constant encouragement of her students and her efforts to make a Yoga practice accessible to anyone who is
eager to improve their mobility, functional capacity and ultimately their quality of life.
Monica Page Subia, 500 RYT, Yoga Therapist:
Monica is a native of Southern California. She spent many years living in the Netherlands before relocating to Tempe in 2009. Monica taught
Yoga at Svaha Yoga in Amsterdam, in the University of Amsterdam Dance Department, various corporate events, for private clients and in
fitness centers. She ihas completed the  Loyola Marymount University Yoga Therapy Rx Certification Program directed by Dr. Larry Payne,
author of Yoga RX.  Monica specializes in beginner's Yoga, restorative, vinyasa (flow) and power Yoga. Her uplifting and enthusiastic
teaching style is based in proper body alignment. Her classes are filled with laughter and joy.  In addition to having a passion for helping
people improve their lives through Yoga, Monica is a professional musician. She has traveled throughout Europe and California performing
on her guitar and singing. It is not uncommon for her to sing the names of the Yoga postures during a class, bringing a smile to everyone
face. Monica is a Bhakti (Devotional) Yogini. She uses Yoga as a method to strengthen her connection with the Divine. Yoga has
miraculously transformed Monica’s life and she is deeply grateful to be teaching & sharing this miracle with others.
From the Light within each of us, helping you to find the Light within you.

Hegel Yoga
5861 S. Kyrene Rd. #11, Tempe AZ     85283    480-478-2934
Sherrill Prideaux Smith, CYT, RYT 200, Curvy Yoga Certified
Sherill began studying dance at an early age and was first introduced to yoga while completing her BFA in Dance from Arizona State
University.  Sherrill continued her yoga practice later in life to manage the stresses of a demanding career.  After receiving a cancer
diagnosis in 2008, she found that through yoga she could reduce pain, strengthen her immune system, feel younger and stay healthy.  
Sherrill received her 200 hour yoga teacher training certificate at the age of 53, showing that it is never too late to begin.  In addition, she
has obtained additional training in restorative yoga with Judith Hanson Lasater, and served as the Arizona Director of Yoga Bear.  Sherrill
works privately with clients and offers yoga classes and workshops at oncology/radiation centers, hospitals, high schools, and yoga
studios.  Sherrill’s student-centered classes offer a safe space to manage life’s challenges and relieve stress, while allowing healing of
the body, mind and heart.
Shaila Parthasarathi MBA,  500 RYT
As a child, Shaila watched her father practice yoga but did not establish her own practice until twenty years ago when she found a
wonderful Iyengar teacher in London.  She continued studying classic yoga in the Netherlands and recently completed her Occupational
Certificate of Instruction at Scottsdale Community College and 500 hour RYT. Shaila teaches Classical Yoga with an emphasis on building
strength and finding flexibility to develop healthy posture with a focused and relaxed mind.  She especially enjoys working with people who
are new to yoga and those wanting to deepen their practice.
Sandra Rodegher, CYT 200
Sandra's yoga practice spans over a decade and initially was intended to be nice 'filler' for the dance classes, little did she know that
yoga would be a better fit for her than dance ever was.  In 2008 Sandra completed her yoga teacher training at At One Yoga in
Scottsdale, Arizona. She has taught Yoga with individuals and small groups. Sandra is currently pursuing her PhD at ASU.  Her teaching
draws on the guidance of her various yoga teachers, but also incorporates knowledge from the natural strength training courses she has
taken under Jon Hinds in 2006. Sandra believes that anyone (anyone!) can improve and benefit from yoga, it’s just a matter of the teacher
meeting that person where the student is and helping them to find the path forward. Sandra enjoys working with beginners to yoga,
helping them to build a strong foundation in their practice. She feels she can relate to their experiences having had to begin her practice
anew several times due to injuries, surgeries, and lifestyle changes. Sandra's philosophy on yoga is that  a yoga practice is that it’s
always waiting for you. As Pattabhi Jois said, “Yoga is possible for anybody who really wants it. Yoga is universal....” If you’re
wondering if yoga is right for you, it is.
Britney Jorgenson, BA Psychology, 200 CYT
Britney has been involved, in some capacity, whether through employment or education, in health and wellness since 1999. Britney began
her education at Mesa Community College, and eventually transferred to Brigham Young University in Provo, UT where she majored in
Exercise Science (Kinesiology). It was during her first years of college that Britney was introduced to the practice of Yoga, where she
found both a physical exercise routine, as well as a mind and body stabilizing practice that she felt truly aided her education.  She began
teaching a couple of years later.  On her senior year at BYU she left school to become a full time mom where she learned patience and
nurturing that can’t be taught in a classroom, and has served to mold her in her practice of Yoga. In 2011 Britney finished her education
earning a Bachelors degree in Psychology and Sociology from Arizona State University. Britney’s approach to her practice of Yoga
combines her broad understanding of the human body, and the positive effects of Yoga with her personal and life experiences. Britney
has also experienced the difficulty of accommodating a major joint injury while the healing process takes place.:
Nancy Butterly CYT 500:
Nancy moved to Arizona from Pennsylvania in 1997. Having always been athletic, Nancy participated in gymnastics, lacrosse, field currently
enjoys hiking, boating and camping.  Nancy was introduced to Yoga in 2002 and began her studies of Ashtanga Yoga in 2003. She has the
Lodestar Day Resource Center once a month and in her spare time studies Philosophy and Sanskrit with the AZ School of Practical
Philosophy and practicing Vedic Chanting with Cheryl Oliver.
Anusha Moore RYT 500: Anusha studied Ballet for over 20 years, and initially came to yoga just to stretch her muscles in a new
way. The Ashtanga practice was a natural fit for her as the discipline and dedication she felt in her dance training found a new home in
developing her daily practice. After taking her first class, she realized that Yoga presented so much more than simply a way to cross-train
the body; she felt the spiritual awakening that comes with setting an intention for the practice in every class. Anusha received her 200 hour
teacher training from At One Yoga in 2004 and completed her 300 hour certification with Dave and Cheryl Oliver in 2012.   She thanks all of
her teachers, but especially Erika Halweil, Monique Maxwell, John Salisbury and Dave and Cheryl Oliver.
Jenny McCarthy RYT 200: Jenny received her 200 hour RYT from Authentic Yoga Teacher Training in Scottsdale, with Dave and
Cheryl Oliver, and is currently pursuing her 500 hour certification. Jenny’s interest in yoga began early on as a high school student with a
yoga home video. Even then, she encouraged her friends to “step into their body.” She has pursued other physical activities over the years
including dance, aerobics, and pilates, but always returned to yoga.   
The second Yoga Sutra tells us, "Yogash chitta vritti nirodhah." This translates as, "Yoga calms the whirling of the mind."  Jenny feels yoga
is the best program for cleansing both body and mind.  Her goal is to spread the joy of yoga and the peace of mind it can bring.  Jenny also
holds a B.S. in Family Social Services/Psychology and an A.A. in Culinary Arts. Her classes move at the pace best suited for all
participants, with adaptations presented leaving no one behind.

Courtney Ochs CYT 200
Courtney's relatively new yoga practice, which began when she came to Hegel Yoga in 2011 after a back injury, is not reflected in her
quality of teaching or depth of understanding of Yoga. She has completed the Hegel Yoga Yoga Mastery Program under Tish Hegel and is
deeply committed to her personal practice which is centered on the Ashtanga Vinyasa method.  Courtney’s mission in teaching is to make
Yoga accessible to every student with proper modifications and use of props. Courtney enjoys assisting level one students in their
discovery of Yoga as well as creating dynamic and energetic ‘Power Yoga’ sequences for experienced students.  The calm and
supportive environment of her classes ensures each student is comfortable. Outside of Yoga, Courtney holds a BS in Art & Education from
Westmount College and  a M.S. in Education from University of Phoenix.
Sean Shelton: CYT 200 Information to be added soon.
Jocelyn Dunn, 200 CYT, Yoga Nidra Instructor
Jocelyn studied Yoga and Yoga Nidra at the Southwest Institute of the Healing Arts. After experiencing both the physical and spiritual healing
of yoga, she made it her life mission to share the wonders of yoga with the world. With the belief that if you can breathe you can do yoga,
Jocelyn offers a yoga experience to accommodate all levels.
Tanisa Tawichsri, CYT 200
Growing up in Thailand and eventually earning a government scholarship to study in the United States, Tanisa brings a unique perspective
to the spiritual and health benefits of yoga.  She first turned to yoga in college as a way to deal with the neck and back pain she
developed from years in a competitive student environment. The first experience that opened her eyes to the full benefits of yoga was a
Vinyasa class, where she fell in love with the physically demanding aspects of the discipline. This led her to buy her first yoga book,
Ashtanga Yoga, The Practice Manual by David Swenson, and begin a home practice regimen.  She believes anyone can heal their pain
and liberate themselves through yoga the way she did. From those facing difficulties in their lives to those simply wanting better health,
yoga provides not only physical benefits but also a place for internal work needed to overcome personal challenges.. Besides traditional
Ashtanga yoga, she loves exploring creative sequencing of postures to find freedom in the sbody and the mind. Now pursuing a PhD in
Economics at ASU, Tanisa lives in Tempe with her cat Butter.
Katie Galligan, 200 CYT
Katie was exposed to yoga in college for the first time and fell in love. For many years, Katie practiced yoga strictly for the
physical benefits and she practiced mostly bikram, hot flow, power flow, and other forms of vinyasa. In 2009, Katie discovered
Ashtanga yoga and found that Ashtanga took her to depths of the practice that she never dreamed of, both physical, mental,
and spiritual. Katie combines her knowledge of psychology and experience in social work with her knowledge of the
therapeutic benefits of yoga to help relieve anxiety and calm the mind. Katie is a social worker by trade and also utilizes yoga
and breathing techniques with the children, toddlers to teenagers, with whom she works. Katie is a certified Yoga Gangster
through the non-profit, Yoga Gangsters, an organization based in Miami that empowers youth by addressing the symptoms of
trauma with the science and practice of yoga. Katie's passion is working with 'Yoga Gangsters' to continue bring yoga to group
homes, jails, juvenile justice facilities, rehabilitation facilities, and schools in the Phoenix area. Katie also works with all
populations to relieve stresses, both big and small, to increase  the love for life. Katie likes to find the joy in everyday life and in
‘the little things’ and she hopes to help her students do the same.